You can create a new whiteboard by filling in the next form, if you choose custom size whiteboard you will be able to set the size after pushing the create button. Once the whiteboard is created you can invite others to join in for Realtime collaboration with embedded Video/Audio call.

Latest features

NotebookCast is constantly growing and adding new features, we rely on our users and partners feedback for User-Driven improvements, some of the latest added features:


We have embedded time unlimited audio call (currently supporting two people in the conference) and audio notes in the whiteboard.


New engine giving improved handwriting smoothing and quality, whether you are using a tablet, touchscreen or a graphic tablet, we have improved handwriting and drawing quality with new AI models.


Now its possible to add floating sticky notes in your whiteboards, sticky notes are available in different colours sizes and font sizes, also you can move the sticky note any time with real time synchronization.