Whiteboard Usability

Teach remotely using a graphic tablet with a screen

With the increase in the need for distance learning and collaboration, we have been reviewing different devices available for increasing efficiency and improving the learning experience. Today we tested a Graphic tablet with an embedded screen, and we are impressed with the results.

Such graphic tablets differ from traditional ones by having a screen embedded, so the writing and drawing happens directly on the screen, this leads to better precision and more pleasant experience than writing to the graphic tablet and look on the laptop screen.
Getting used to a graphic tablet with a screen usage is much faster than traditional ones where we should look into the screen and draw into another device.

The advantage of the traditional graphic tablet is the price, as you can get one for much less and it will give a much better quality than using a mouse with an on-line whiteboard. Nevertheless currently it's possible to find a graphic tablet with a screen at an excellent price. 

There are advantages of using a graphic tablet with a screen compared to an Ipad if portability is not a requirement, such as:

  • Allows you to get a much bigger screen compared to an Ipad at much lower price.
  • You have all your resources in your computer accessible immediately.
  • Not having the issue of accidental touching the screen interfering with the pen drawing.

Ipad is obviously an amazing device, we will be publishing soon a review of an IPAD PRO 2021 usage with NotebookCast whiteboard. If you already have an Ipad then that for sure it will do the job, if you are buying a new device to be able to teach online, you probably want to explore both options.

We tested the XP-PEN Artist 12 Pro and the XP-PEN Artist 15.6 Pro with NotebookCast whiteboard. It's possible to instantly create a whiteboard at this link without the need to register.

With a display Resolution of 1920x1080 pixels, a display area of 25.6cm x 14.8cm or 34cm x 19cm, a viewing angel of 178° and the accurate, fluid and high resolution pen sensitivity it gives high quality features for its price segment.

Some other interesting features are programmable eight shortcut buttons, a dial for zooming, two programmable pen buttons, also the package includes many accessories.

The graphic tablet is compatible with both Windows and MAC, mind that you need one USB port and an HDMI port available in you PC to use it.


It's possible to create a whiteboard with a custom size that matches the graphic tablet screen size. You can have some extra space by using the full screen option of the browser (F11), once the whiteboard is created you can share the link or QR code with others to join.

NotebookCast Team
Last updated: 17 Mar 2022