Whiteboard Settings


There are two locations related to settings in the whiteboard, first is the gear button at the bottom horizontal black menu bar, second under your personal avatar menu.

Under the gear setting button, you can find the next settings:

  • Move bottom menu to top, can be useful if you are using a tablet and you want to avoid accidentally touching the menu
  • Resize, allow you to resize the size of the whiteboard anytime you want
  • Mic, choose the microphone when using the audio call feature
Under your avatar menu you have the next settings:
  • Broadcast my cursor, Others can see your mouse activity in their whiteboard view
  • Hide my local cursor, Useful when using a stylus pen with a screen
  • Only stylus / Apple Pen, this disables screen touch and allowed only the usage of a stylus pen such as Apple pen, offers a great improvement in usability by avoiding accidental drawing

The next settings are only available when the user is logged in and is owner of the whiteboard:
  • Everyone follows: The default position synchronisation settings, allows everyone in the whiteboard to follow the activity, , which is extremely useful when board size exceeds the window size
  • Follow me: Make all the users follow the activity of the owner of the whiteboard
  • Disconnect audio: Force audio call to disconnect if active