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Types of tablet pc pens 2014-04-30 10:02

There are two types of pens used with Windows, Android and Ipad tablets, active digitizers and none active digitizers(stylus pens).
Active digitizer pens are used with active digitizer supported screen and non active digitizer ones are used with capacitive screens.
For example Samsumg Galaxy note 10.1 android tablets and the windows tablet Sony Vaio Duo 13 have an active digitizer, on the other hand currently Ipad have a capacitive screen with no active digitizer support.
An active digitizer screen has many advantages over the capacitive ones, some of the advantages of active digitizers are:

  • Much thinner tip.
  • Much more accurate and fine line paths.
  • Automatic palm rejection.
  • Hover pen detection, allowing you to know exactly where you are going to write before contacting the screen.
  • Active digitizer pens have a fine pointer, in the other hand none active ones have a much thick pointer.
In the picture bellow you can see an example of the two types of pens, you can see how the Sony Vaio active digitizer have a much thinner tip than the Bambo stylus pen.